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The World’s Most Dangerous Animals Crocodile

Crocodile living in rivers in the warm regions, Timsahgil are made bigger than the team, is the general name for the thick-skinned reptiles and husk. From a distance similar to the lizard. Over the body is covered with bony plates hard. Five feet in front of them, there are four fingers on both feet. Is totally or partially webbed toes. The long, flat taiqqqqls on the water while paddling task.

Spectacular strong jaws and crocodiles continue to rob the earth millions of years due to its superior stealth capabilities, is one of the really fear animals. In this report we look closely at the real ruler of crocodiles in the lake.

Fish, birds and mammals that feed on water. People are also attacked to. Crocodiles are waiting to enter an area of ​​about 2 meters before attacking its prey. who comes near enough to hunt crocodile attack, about 12 m / s with a speed catch prey. This speed; The structure of the body, hind legs and reach through the most important muscular tails.

Eyes is a three-act. When immersed in water the nose and the ear holes are covered with a lid. the palate of the mouth behind a bend which separates the esophagus from each other and pasting pale even under water may be able to eat bite.

Conical teeth wear, while the new ones. suitcases of leather, bags made shoes. In this regard, they hunted plentiful. The calves away from their parents when it comes to the situation facing them seek their hunting grounds. Must be away from large crocodile. Even some who do not recognize their parents and their offspring in the next encounter, overlooks the fishing them out. Pups, fish eggs, they feed on snails and aquatic insects. The Nile River is the homeland of the Nile crocodile is called by that name. The ancient Egyptians were afraid of them and counting sacred. In today this is no longer the Nile crocodiles

Crocodiles can attack the people. The American crocodile (Crocodylus acutus), size 50 cm – varies between 3.8 m. 4 meters, which also had been shot. They can reach up to 2000 kg in weight. Also live in the sea and it is dangerous for people. Height can reach 3-4 meters. Crocodiles can live longer if the destruction. There are in excess of 80 years in zoos.

Some birds are now entering the hesitation between the open mouth of the crocodile meat and palate stuck leeches places. These birds stand out with alligators in almost a symbiosis. Hazards are warning of crocodiles cry instantly. Newborns, a large thin-skinned offspring carefully moved to the edge of the water at the mouth of single mothers. six great care with the pups in need of care are protected from external threats by parents over a period of eight weeks. Predatory birds and wild mammals are fond of crocodile offspring. Over the body is covered with hard bony plate. five in the front feet, has four fingers on both feet. Is completely or partially webbed toes.


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