Super Cows Are the World’s Most Productive


The super cow are referred to as Belgian blues and in French as Race de la Moyenne et Haute Belgique, or, more commonly, Blanc Bleu Belge. They’re the bovine equivalent of Rambo. Belgian Blue is a type of Belgium origin. Sculptural of the Belgian blue, intense muscular image, also known as double-muscled. Instead of double-muscled phenotype is an inherited condition and increase the volume of muscle cells (hypertrophy) of muscle cells (the strand) as a result of the increasing number (hyperplasia) occurs. This hereditary condition “Piedmontese” type also found in cattle.


The super cows originated in 19th century Belgium from a cross between local breeds and shorthorn breeds from the UK. Read more 



First as an observer with a view of the farm animals it was documented in 1807 by George Culley. This species originated in England in the 19th century Belgium the center and north of native species as a result of hybridization with Shorthorn cattle were obtained. To be used in the hybridization is a possibility of Charolais cattle. Belgian Blue is used as the first hybrid dairy-beef breeds. Modern types of broilers in 1950 in the province of Liege working in artificial insemination center has been developed by Professor Hanset. Type karakterik (double muscularity) mutation breeding straight line (linebreeding) is now provided with a feature of the race until it becomes hard.


Because of This trait is of course a dream for meat manufacturers because it increases the amount of meat they produce and the meat that comes off them is much leaner.

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