The important role of a father in the family

The most important asset is the mother of a child’s life. Giving him life, feeds her, nurturing, it is loving it too. his mother’s voice, he knows the smell is already born. When you first open your eyes she is to see him. This physical bond, become stronger day by day. My mother is always with him. There is also a man. What he does not understand the first time that small babies. Every moment was not there already. One has, no. But he feels love. Both begin each remote monitoring meantime. The mother is more interested in the environment decreases dependence baby. Then he sees this man at such times. Man takes his lap but did not like her mother. It seemed a little uneasy. He does not give milk. Long watching, kissing her nose, smelling his neck, belly rubs after giving the mother immediately.

Months went by, babies are more interested in this man. Waiting for the road. Eve will also learn the times, it is even beginning to get a little restless delayed. ‘My father’ s name was. Easy to say. ‘OK, I love this guy’ look in his eyes there. Baby and father begin to spend more time together. There is no physical need for a mother anymore. Dad can also take care of the baby. become mobile during labor began with wins even more important presence. The game has a friend of the child at home. Mother feeding, sleeping, life giving; father is a friend, is the model. They see each other when they look in the mirror. It gives confidence to the presence of the Father. Anne is also the husband of the shelter. It is safe to say everyone in the house.

Changing the character of the community. Expand families due to economic conditions. Parents and we have the nuclear family consisting of children. Husband and wife have to do business section. Father figure has changed in parallel. Solid, distant children, feared, be informed so that what has happened at home, a man who does not engage in dialogue and activities in the house anymore. On the contrary, softer, especially a father has changed 180 degrees in relation to the child. Children, do not be afraid of the father; father to play with him, he wants to take care of. Another is the father to the child. He is the hero. It is the savior of the day. Anne breath Mandir care.


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