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People Swimming Under Ice



These days some people  prefer open water swimming to pool swimming, but refuse to get in our local Pacific Ocean until it gets up around 66 degrees or so. Anything below that and I’m known to turn various shades of purple. Evidence also demonstrates that your body adapts to the cold with repeated exposure and this may improve your circulation to your core and to your extremities. Cold water swims or baths helps flush your circulation by pushing blood through all your capillaries, veins and arteries. The rapid initial cooling of the skin triggers various heart and breathing responses. Breathing rates will increase suddenly. The heart rate can increase by 50% and blood pressure increase can increase to 175/93. Although a substantial strain on the heart, these changes are not likely to be a problem for a healthy, fit person but may be dangerous for those with underlying heart disease or hypertension. via

On the world in many parts of the world, a quick dip in ice cold water after a trip to hot water baths or a trip to the sauna are essential for good health. Of course, no one is saying you should take a dip in the arctic waters of the Bering Sea just for giggles, but a quick dip in an icy lake after a hot steam bath or once in a while can actually improve circulation, make you feel more energetic and brisk even during those cold winter months, and can alleviate pains from rheumatism, fibromyalgia, and respiratory issues like asthma.VIA

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