Women’s Self Defense


fdzLearning how to protect yourself helps you avoid being the victim of assault. Having basic knowledge of self-defense not only empowers you as a woman, but it could save your life one day.

What are the major threats to encounter women in the street? Are they likely to happen to every human situation? Where most attacks occur? I can understand how women have been followed? Is it possible for a person following attack opportunities proteges? We predicted that people can understand us attack against our attack?

Self defense and self protection are an important priority for women. The most common crime to happen to a woman is rape, but it is more about a feeling of dominance from one person over another rather than actual sex. According to statistics, the majority of rapes are perpetrated by men who women know. Assault on women is also a common crime because assailants assume women will be more passive and not fight back; this has to do with stereotypes of women. The best way for women to fight back against crime is to prevent it from happening by avoiding being alone or being in badly lit areas. However, getting into such situations is sometimes inevitable. via


For woman Self defense is important because  they statistics say that all women are good candidates to become victims of violent crime at any point in their lives. According to statistics, a woman who is only 21 years of age has a 25 percent risk of suffering violent crime in her life. Self defense is more than just okay. When a woman’s safety is in danger, defending herself by fighting back is the most ethical decision she can make.

The society increasingly under attack freaking Woman Standing Granted First Things;
1-Your best weapon for the body, it is your hardest and most durable of the elbow. If you are close enough to use, you can use your elbow as a defensive weapon.
2-attacker attempt to rationally speaking, you can not be saved from attack by agreement. Because attackers healthy not think like you.
3-throwing screaming asking for help is a method but do not rely on someone else’s help, most of the time does not help anyone. You have 5 seconds to get rid of the attack. It’s good reviews.
4-attacker simply can not afford to hurt you, should you injure it, it said. Can the hurt you may cause more angry and attack harder, but a wound, albeit small, increases the chances of recovery would be shocked him.
5-strong muscles, you do not need a fit body, the attackers need to do is focus on specific points of the body, reducing impact there.
6-can learn self-defense techniques that you defeat your fear, you feel more confident in yourself, it benefits you to be more agile, but it also benefits the attacker would not be alone.

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