Where are men getting advice for getting dressed!!

Adressing that reveals cleavage. It’s their wish what they wear, but down at the bottom of their wishes, they want to be noticed which is true for most people. If they want to be noticed, why do they say they hate being looked at? I’m not speaking of staring, but simple glances.

If they’re not religiously reading glossy magazines or consulting personal shoppers at department stores, where are men getting advice for getting dressed?

From the privacy of their own homes. More specifically, on online forums like Reddit where they can air their concerns and seek advice from peers. Reddit is heavily male, after all, so it’s no shock that for years men have been turning to subreddits to talk style.via

“I think the biggest thing is that people are usually overwhelmed and don’t know how to get started,” Adam Schlesinger, moderator of the r/malefashionadvice subreddit, told Mic. With its sense of community and wealth of information on topics such as grooming, clothing and even all things beards, Reddit has proven a good place to start. Yes, the answers can skew heavily to certain aesthetics (one subreddit is dedicated to poking fun at r/malefashionadvice’s commitment to a GQ-like look). But they also can reflect real concerns of real men.


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