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Persian girl singing in the voice of Holland

Nilofar is a teenager in the Netherlands newspaper called “Iranian dialogue” to have him, just in talent in “The Voice” in the Netherlands was very impressed and media attention.

Especially as it has a very interesting life story, a story that his mother many years ago in the form of a book and made it the best-selling book as well.Nilofar is kidnapped by her father in the Netherlands and moved to Iran, but because of problems His mother’s legal complaint will be and eventually forced to go to Iran with her daughter to leave the country illegally.

Nilofar in an interview with AFP, said: I always wish I participate in the program is a chance to pursue that dream and I’m a little closer to reality. Dreams of becoming a pop star that the whole world knows him. Well, I am an Iranian roots in the Netherlands much in the media, through programs and social networks have been talking about it. I am proud of my Iranian roots. Iran’s something in the blood that will never stop trying do not desist, like my mother who did not spare no effort to remove me from Iran and I finally was able to leave Iran.

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