Make a Wi Fi and broadband Booster Using a beer can

many people that does it really work? According to a number of internet forums the simple answer is yes. One excited user on Reddit said: “This actually works, believe it or not. You can just try in a few minutes.

You need ,

  • Empty Beer Can
  • Sharp-edged knife for cutting
  • Adhesive Tape

The first step is that Wash well aluminum beer or soda cans to make the metal reflectors. Note that can used for Wi-Fi router should be thoroughly dried. and the second step is  cut the aluminum can with a knife. Cut bottom part completelynd a place in the top part of the stop. Cut the end part of the whole Can except a little part with the help of scissors/ knife. And the last step: Now you have to fix Antina of router on the lid of can of beer. Use tape to fix. It will stick more easily with double side tape. It also can be rotated accordingly.Turn meta reflectors same side you want signals.



It’s time to test how much your WI-FI is now boosted! Don’t forget share it with your friends.

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