Precarious Pricing System For The Hospital Services

Over the past 25- years, the average ratio of hospital charges for services (gross revenues) to payments received (net revenues) has grown from 1.1 to 2.6. This reflects a transition from predominantly cost- and charge-based payment systems to regulated and negotiated fixed payments. Hospitals have been able to squeeze additional revenues from remaining charge-based payers and services by sharply increasing charges, negatively affecting the uninsured. Although protection of the uninsured seems warranted, it might be difficult to regulate hospital pricing systems in isolation from other controversial issues, such as the acceptability of cross-subsidies and the role of market forces.

Many in the hospital industry have been slow to realize the unintended, adverse impact of runaway price inflation on the uninsured. Including alternative medicine in the world today, there are many improvements in the health field. The fight against cancer and treatment, AIDS / HIV, hepatitis, etc. General widespread and deadly disease to save the world progress in the treatment of various doctors also not yet found a cure for these diseases. Numerous medical professionals and scientists around the world are constantly making scientific studies. Their states to contribute a certain amount of scientific studies. Among these countries; Britain, Israel, Germany, Russia, USA, Turkey, Japan, France, Switzerland, etc … With these developments, the pharmaceutical industry in these countries is greatly improved. These countries are keeping their hands on the world drug production.

Patients in the world for these developments in some country, while health organizations are facing from different angles.One patient first going to a public or private hospital on suspicion of the diagnosis of the disease set correctly analyzed again and pass the examination. What is doubt? Diagnostician doctor insufficient sturdy? Did she have put misdiagnosis?Patients come to the people they talk to most often near the beginning issues.State affiliated with this hospital include many branches in general. While there are scholars mainly with health professionals in training hospital revolving fund implementation. Hospital examination are paid in educational practice is the reason for this difference in academic and scientific research expenses.

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