Tips for a better husband and wife relationship



ogfTips for a better husband and wife relationship:

1. First of all an ideal wife, a good friend and companion. Is a nice time to chat with peers hours. It is interested in the subject when he was curious about. His wife, not a shortage of porters carrying knows where friends share life.Like spoiled children do not hang huff face of everything. Raw, sour, and not bitter, like ripe fruit.

2. sensitive, gentle, kind and sagacious is. His wife said he was disturbed by declaring mined areas away from there. . Events evaluates positive eye. Smiling face and gives joy and strength to live with his wife promise.

3. Love the attention and does not sell a million dollars to a few words of great promise. Fine-called generous, stingy foul.

4. try to replace accept as his wife. He can not be compared with others. Self-confidence from the jarring words, such as escapes escapes from scorpion.As night is the wife of error it does not disclose to others. Instead of fighting weapons will assume the patience to put on armor.

5. Each job is to interfere with the behavior and personality would honor his promise and instead destroy the Critical Edition. He knows that love is unforgettable leaving criticism. Make the work that takes the idea of her husband. “I think such a thing, do not you think?” He asks.

6. Soft, good-natured, tolerant, is insightful and optimistic. It would be happy to wait for his wife to himself happy. All life is not finished with anticipation. Continuous happiness in the happiness of his wife seeing the fruits of the tree can not wait for the absurd.It acts according to his wife’s temperament. He does not laugh you cry. Do not cry while laughing. Courteous and respectful towards her husband’s relatives.

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