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Saltwater Swimming Are Good For Health

The increasing cases of drowning in the summer he lost his life, even those who know very well swimming, swimming in fresh waters was reported to be more difficult. an increase of drownings during the summer months, especially when they do water sports, go to the country for people to vacation, he said they entered into for the purpose of hunting and fresh water to cool off.

That salty seawater and dams, rivers, reminiscent of a high lifting force compared to fresh waters such as ponds Long, “Liquids, into falling implementing any object buoyancy and picking up the sides should underlying need. Uninstall feature salt water higher than the fresh water but fresh water buoyancy lower. Therefore, falling into the object or person draws primarily toward the bottom. people’s skill or the stronger the information that about a hundred he get to the bottom draw less or is supporting the less buoyant force applied by the freshwater ”
People of the same striking his move from the sea they thought they could do it in fresh water long, so lost at sea can better save their lives by drowning in fresh water floating.
“Knowing that the buoyancy of salt water main difference of the people here is higher than in fresh water or forgetting fresh water act. The surface when the sea water person starts to descend to the depths when fresh water this time losing its dominance, hectic it is concerned, starting more convulsions . Therefore, consume breathe faster, do not use oxygen efficiently and this is causing suffocation. ”
Dams, irrigation canals and energy that expresses fed by snowmelt produced waters Long, said that the water on the surface of the 1-2 meter descent is made when the abnormally cool down begins and the water temperature changes of body temperature limits movement of the person causing consists of hypothermia disease falling below 35 degrees. Long said, so swimming is very well versed in even seen cases of drowning. swim in fresh water and is not suitable for cooling off while underlining that long, instead of entering the fresh water entering the pool must be controlled.


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