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F-16 Fighter Pilots over Turkey


F-16 fighter aircraft, the date of first production from 1978 until today how many operations it was a good plane and has proven itself in battle. It is also still used by many countries, especially in the world, especially from European and NATO countries.

until now, the F-16 fighter jets were reported to number more than the total produced in 4500. It made its first flight in 1974 and manufacturers of these fighter aircraft being used since 1978. Lockheed Martin is a fighter aircraft of the United States. continuously improving from year to year and added new features and new versions of various models have been produced.

What are the characteristics of the F-16 Fighter Aircraft 1F-16 fighter jets?

Home users are used in 24 countries is the United States military. Today the United States is producing for export (producing more advanced combat aircraft for its own use) F-16 warplanes are bombing Hunter fighter aircraft. The effective against both air and ground targets. F-16 fighter aircraft in the world, has the title of my first flight control mechanics of the aircraft managed by an electronic system. Maneuverability is very high in an airplane. F-16 fighter aircraft maneuverability is the first fighter relied on the boundary 9G direction.

Specifications (F-16C Block 40) What? the height of 5.09 meters meter length is exactly 15:03. 9:45 meters wingspan !!!

In 8495 the empty weight of 10,780 kg maximum laden weight while normal weight is 17 010 kg. Fuel Capacity External Weight Internal 3105 is 3,066 kilos. The aircraft uses a single motor for the motor General Electric F110-GE 100 engine. Engine power: 17 155 76.3 lbf that is Knin. F-16 Fighter Aircraft-3Uçag the maximum speed is approximately 2,175 kilometers per hour. This means Mach’lık 2:05 pace. (12 thousand meters is the maximum speed for height) This aircraft is the speed of 1,460 kilometers per hour at sea level.

Climbing speed is 254 meters per second.

This warplanes in the 3900-kilometer no-load condition with a full fuel without fuel has a maximum range. Of course, when installed on a range of almost 1/4 and 1/3 is reduced to. The flight of the total life of the fighter aircraft is reported that 8 thousand war. F-16-C-E model, while only one pilot B-D and F are two pilot patterns. F-16 warplanes 95-2000 year in prices of approximately 15-20 million dollars, while today it is estimated that 25-30 million dollars. But this issue is a clear precise figures are difficult to represent pronunciation. Because of different figures on the price of many sources indicated.

Now let’s look at this aircraft guns which are: 1 is a 20-millimeter Vulcan cannon and has a capacity of more than 500 bullets. F-16 Fighter Aircraft 2Hava from air-combat missiles.





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