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Value of Water Coalition


It’s is not just plants and animals that are at risk. Issues of water scarcity and poor water quality have serious social and economic consequences. Yet despite growing awareness of the importance of healthy freshwater ecosystems, human actions continue to degrade the freshwater ecosystems upon which we depend. Even with the policy movement toward integrated water resource management—the integration of ecosystem considerations in water management—remains largely neglected. In the article one can not measure the value of the water plan. for Life it is among the sine qua non. See also they measure the value of a drop of water how they have achieved a result: “A drop of water there are 839 billion billion molecules. However, there are 6 billion people in our world. 33-year-old man, but experienced a billionth of a second. Each of the water molecule composed of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen. The diameter of the hydrogen atom; 1 mm. The billionth is up 106 s. It needs to grow to 100 million times to see him. Was magnified to such a hair, the thickness of a-few km. He would. ”

So, the real value of a drop of water is not a drop of water. Apart from this, it also covered if you will account for the thousands of germs and bacteria in her face with the reason you think the rest.

“Yer face water is needed for the continuation of life. To compensate, the Almighty Allah created rain. products to the benefit of living in the face of rain where the loot is made. God explains this fact in the Qur’an: “He is a mattress for the earth, the sky has made the building. by downloading it from the sky for rain (various) took sustenance from the product. “(Al-Baqarah: 22)

The looting of rain, evaporation, and an equal amount of water on Earth again return to earth, that are available through the water cycle. After reaching a certain point cloud formed by the evaporation of water in case of rain drops oil to the surface. Rain in the formation of the Koran suggests the following: ‘Seeing you in God, then rides the clouds are piled them on top, so that you see the rain come flowing out of them. ‘(An-Nur: 43)

That is to say, rain is one of the countless blessings on earth, is one of the proofs of God’s creation. If a small change in the water cycle, though, soon after revealed a huge imbalance in nature. This brings about the end of life. But this never happens. Allah is the whole universe and everything subservient to His command. He is very merciful and sparing. ”


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