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Some Menstruation facts you should definitely know

Menstruation begins between ages 9-16. Besides the girls who play sports are very weak and the development of the starts in the period in which weight gain in girls menarche (first menstruation) is delayed. Although reaching the age of 15 if young girls starting menstruation still must pass the control apply to a physician. Doctors will check genitalia. Some girls should not normally present in the membrane in the vagina and the number of entries available openings that allow the blood to drain out. In very rare cases it may be developed vagina or uterus.

What often happens menstruation?

Menstruation happens once a month. The period between 25-30 days of the menstrual cycle are normal. Menstrual bleeding lasts 3-7 days. In the early days, which is gradually reduced further bleeding. This bleeding can be a month of violence, which started in the same period of menstruation. Bleeding more than a month, other months can be much less.

Irregular menstruation:

Menstruation body weight, diet, anxiety, stress, exercise and irregular affected by the disease. The length of the menstrual cycle varies in the first year. the first 1-2 years is normal to have irregular menstrual bleeding. After menarche takes time to fit into the scheme of work in the reproductive organs and hormones.

Some girls see ads only 3-4 times a year. Stress, heavy exercise, weight and sudden weight loss diet and why it may take a very long cycles. hormonal imbalance furthermore also leads to a prolongation of this period. Polycystic ovary syndrome called overweight, years of excessive hair growth and menstrual irregularities observed in the case where only seen 3-4 times total.

Menstrual Cycle is too short?

Stress, certain types of exercise and changes in lifestyle reasons it may take less than 21 days of the menstrual cycle. In this case, it must undergo testing by referring physicians. Excess bleeding causes anemia. people who are anemic or iron pills should be used should eat more of the foods that contain iron. Quantity is the bleeding of a few days, it took several days of bleeding, such as bleeding and cramping complaints should be forwarded to the physician notes.

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