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Black and white twins

British brothers, fraternal twins. What makes them special is that one white one black. That’s why nobody believes that their twins.

Lucy and Maria’s father Vince were white, and black Jamaican and his mother Donna. This being the case, one of a growing girl and her mother in the stomach with the other father took the mother’s genetic characteristics. Born in 1997 and is now 18-year-old twin brothers at the time, not easily convince people that they are twins.

The red-haired twins, Lucy, before the birth of their skin color is known, during the birth, the nurse tells them first hand in the field of language almost kept. Mom and Dad are divorced soon the birth of twins. Gemini youngest child of the family, George (23), Chynna (22), and Jordan (21) is there’s two older brothers and an older sister Lucy and Marian’n in. color other brother, though lighter than the Mariam (hybrid features carry more weight), not light skinned like Lucy. Sister interesting is why the agenda after all these years. Because just like two brothers in the days before they were born again. With the realization of this possibility in a million 18 years ago, this story also came to the agenda.Germany, was born in Berlin white father, black mother and baby Leo, who have different skin color even though they are twins Ryan. Here’s the video of their !! If you like this post please share it with your friends.

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