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Hormones In Fruits And Vegetable, Food Safety!

Today’s technology in the world, the literal fruits vegetables for health and hormone use in case went to a considerable improvement in recent years. Hormones that affect human health in a negative way rather adventure, for the first time in the historical process was used in 1960 in the grapes. This hormone adventure began for the first time in history the grape has been subsequently used in all fruits and vegetables.

The reasons for the use of hormones in fruits and vegetables, fruit and hormone more quickly than usual to ensure the vegetables grow and mature is getting brighter and more vibrant appearance. Therefore hormones are highly preferred. But the hormones used in fruit and vegetables, there are very serious effects on human health. Indeed, the last of these effects can go to cancer a deadly disease.
Those skilled in agriculture, have revealed that the products produced in greenhouses needed hormones. So also, the period in which all fruits and vegetables produced must be consumed his time. Season the vegetables and fruit consumption can lead to dangerous situations in terms of health. When maturing examined the structure of the whole fruit, each fruit is located in its own hormones. These hormones are natural hormones. Produced before or after the season’s fruits are affected a lot of physical conditions such as heat and cold. If it is affected, it shows the result of slow growth.

Natural hormones contained in the fruit, activated its synthetic hormones. Giving too much of the administered dose to be given at appropriate levels, constitute harmful to health status. Overdose applied hormones on the cells by disruption of cells in the body can cause disruptions to occur. Thus, the body is opened the door for many diseases. In these diseases can even go to cancer. The products that our country’s most widely used hormone, tomatoes, eggplant, seedless grapes, apples and pumpkins are fruit and vegetables. these products are quite important in terms of health, can become unhealthy due to hormones. If you enjoy this post share it with your friends.

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