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Crazy Earthquake Facts

earThere are about 500,000 earthquakes a year around the world, as detected by sensitive instruments. About 100,000 of those can be felt, and 100 or so cause damage each year. Each year the southern California area alone experiences about 10,000 earthquakes, most of them not felt by people.

EARTHQUAKE; Spreading waves of their environment now emerging as sudden breakage due to vibrations in the earth’s crust and is incident to shake the earth’s surface. Referring to explain in other words; We press on, the building is constructing new buildings built on land surface and inside we even dislodge a force of nature that could harm people.
Earthquake anywhere, can at any time. Earth in the incidence of earthquakes, when considering the size and given the losses can be mentioned the two main earthquake belts. The first Great Ocean surrounds and is especially effective on the Pacific seismic belt in Japan. (81% of the earthquakes that occur on Earth occur in this generation. The second is where including Turkey, to Gibraltar, the Mediterranean dating back to the Indonesia-Himalaya is an earthquake zone. 17% of the earth, the earthquake occurs in this generation.
Convergent plate boundary to the ” destructive ”, in the limits plates away from each other, ” constructive ” limits is called. Here are the most severe earthquakes plates overlap regions are formed by one plate plunges under the other.
Most of them are; center are deep-focus earthquakes it is below 300 km. Is separated from the surface of the sheet or can be detected in each of the frictional seismic waves may occur, usually in smaller earthquakes that occur such violence occur.
TECTONİC earthquake due to the earthquake is also called plates and earthquakes occurred in 90% of the world fall into this category. As mentioned, most of the earthquakes are tectonic earthquakes that occur in our country. Another form of earthquakes are VOLCANIC earthquakes are caused by the eruption of the volcano.
Volcanic earthquakes are local it is about the volcano and do not cause significant damage. Some of earthquakes in Italy and Japan are included in this category.
Another type of earthquake debris are also earthquake, as a result of the collapse of cavities underground caves are formed. such as volcanic earthquakes, subsidence and earthquakes are also local cause more damage do not.
What is an earthquake, the earthquake causes what, after finding answers to questions such as what types of earthquakes, which we can now talk about the concept and understanding to look at him I described the earthquake.
Because of this earthquake can be described anywhere in the earthquake and there are some EARTHQUAKE PARAMETERS to be understood. One of these ‘focus is the point.

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