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Interesting Facts about African Lions


African lions are the biggest of the African carnivores.Color is tawny to sandy brown.The long tail has a distinctive black tuft at the tip. The adult males have manes which vary in color from tawny to black. African lion, the largest predator of the savannah, the world’s second largest cat (the largest tiger) as the titles of the hands is one of the four big cats keep in. The lion is the most powerful predators, even if large tiger. Male lion’s height 90 cm to 2.70 meters including the tail, it can take the weight of 260 kilos. Females that this is almost half. Post brownish yellow. Men’s mane brownish can vary from yellow to black. Wide forehead, strong jaw, prolonged and retractable claws, yellowish short and hairy horizontal. The end of the tail is fringed. Around the head of the male lion it is decorated with a long and beautiful mane. This fringe across much over their shoulders, ruffled when the girl. Very powerful and is called the king of the animals because it is bold. Wild life is the most powerful known first aggressive cat. 5 km ahead of the terrible roar heard. People can use as prey.
African lions mating begins 2 years. But it reaches full maturity of 5 years. Men’m poliga, so there are multiple wives. continuous roars of men before and during mating. Is involved, men can fight. Newborn pups are blind. Also fur is spotted. His eyes opened 6 days after birth. Female, 3 months old puppy cut from milk and begin to teach them hunting. One-year-old offspring they manage it themselves. the death rate is higher among offspring. The reason for this is the last feeding of the offspring. Therefore vitamin deficiency seen in offspring. But this is a natural method of population control. In such cases, the females they fished for puppies to recover from death and before they feed their young.

African lion, in shrubs, trees where the body by protecting them from the hot, live in the reeds. Public lands lovers. The only social species of the cat family. The number of live in herds of up to 20. Very large herds can accommodate 30 members. Group manages a male lion or a coalition of more than one male. Usually they are active at night. Day is no different from a lazy cat. Canopy extends to places and try to cool off. African lions sleep 20 hours a day.

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