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Amazing facts about ants

2The largest ant ever discovered is (fortunately) not alive today. Rather, it is a fossilized specimen that belongs to Titanomyrma giganteum, and it was truly a beast of an ant. have you ever accidentally walked through an ant colony and looked down to find a plethora of ants stalking about on your foot? Well, imagine having a bunch of superlarge, mutant ants walking up your leg! Hearing of ants was placed at his feet. to be crushed by other creatures, Infinite Mercy (celle Celaluhu) that to live is to give hearing in characteristics can notice even the slightest sound.Ants are fascinating creatures with many features. A grain of wheat shipments to the nest alone, is an example of their diligence. Union and to act in solidarity, it has been instrumental to their so-called super-organisms. Ants forms an integral structure through a common chemical molecules with other members of their colony. In this way, they are never part of the colony’s well connected. Researchers “live together with ant colonies, they died together” refers to the cost.
Most of the colony, which leaves one slot winged male ants. These ants nest the female builds a new family have already left and create a new ant colonies. Female ants, get adequate amounts of sperm from the husband and allow the merger of their eggs. This fertilized egg from the female worker ants will. while from unfertilized eggs, drones are created. There are 12,000 species of ants on Earth have been identified. one of the few types of ants living in the Antarctic, the nomadic army ants. These ants can be replaced every day. They use as a food source other insects and small vertebrates, also known as carnivorous ants.
Another species of ants have been created in the unusual traits, South Africa are leafcutter ants. These ants are fed with plants and fungi live in the soil fungus that they built in the depths of the garden. These ants can collectively fight is very good ground accident. nest, they choose the parts of the earth cracks; The earthworks are equipped with the ability to be able to save time and energy.
between the Amazon ant colony, when another of an ant colony left, the ants in the colony, alien ant, has been observed in the head killed by scissors (Figure 1). Migrant soldier ants, in the form of string to each other by interlocking their legs hanging in the air to create a nest. In this way, the purpose of housing construction factors, is to protect the queen ant ants have taken the ball still in the middle of the community and larvae. The location of this hanging slot is changed only for food. ensure the sustainability of generation purposes slot, you can join thousands of ants.Australia’s bulldog ant to the spoiler, skills are given that can easily catch a bee flying in the air. much more agile by analogy with such other ant species, is made with a keen sense of detection and capture capability.

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