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Learn More About Massage and the Benefits

The Greek word means kneading massage. In Arabic, which means suppression light “massage” as passes. In the earliest periods of history, many civilizations for thousands of years, physically, in a very different way to address the mental and psychological disorders have applied massages. healing touch that we often forget in today’s fast pace, it is actually a powerful healer.
1.reduces stress hormones.

2. soothe depression.
3. Strengthens the immune system.
4. Pain will help to reduce.

Massage is a wide variety of shapes. Classic massage of the lymph drainage, connective tissue massage şiatsuyo extends to a wide range of rhythmic massage Swedish massage. Each massage shape, has a special technique and effect.

The important point here; relaxing massage in the first half as the process is converted into an invigorating effect and in the second half. Tension is resolved by providing relief realized through continuous rhythmic hand movements of massage. Physically; lymphatic and endocrine system, respiratory, nervous, circulatory, skeletal, will have a favorable effect on the digestive and immune systems. Massage also serves as the mental level. The relaxation of the mind. the antibodies that provide resistance to microbes that make up viruses and disease, and increases the production of white blood cells in the body, strengthens the immune system. deeply touches the massage, while the effects of body fluid actuator provides also blood to the heart and lungs to go faster. does not require extra direct and self-massage tool, it works with three system in the human body:

1 – Circulation
2. Nerve
3- lymphatic

Skin, massage, taking a variety of alerts are forwarded to the deeper layers by reflex.Massage all organs positive manner warned, revitalizing energy flow is also supported.

Thousand-year-old Indian ayurvedic massage technique is based on a “champ”; face, shoulders, neck or scalp using the actuation of the soft tissues and in this manner can assure the preservation of body energy balance.

Far Eastern massages
In the last thirty years, the west gradually winning more important and diversified spread of traditional Chinese massage “Shiatsu” (finger pressure), and acupuncture has become the most developed and widespread techniques.

Far East origin massage techniques; It allows the body’s energy stores as they remain in balance, reinforce the unique healing power and self-defense mechanism.
The main thesis of these methods; Of life energy in our body, called meridians is that flows from the private route. The energy flow is interrupted in one meridian is associated organs do not feel right function and the person himself uncomfortable.Shiatsu or acupressure technique shows the influence of the pressure at this point.

Adopting Detox therapy of additives in food grown with synthetic fertilizers, foods, toxic substances that threaten our health and the environment from pollution caused by synthetic clothes are often raises.

In order to maintain our health, one of the ways to help them as they are received expulsion of toxins from our body on a regular basis to “massage” is.

This function, increasing the circulation of useful substances, speeding up the elimination of toxins that our bodies be decontaminated and help to protect our health.

Massage, stimulates our muscles return to their original structure. The application areas are the classic massage the skin and muscles. They are nervous and they are linked to the effects of massage through body fluids are distributed to other parts of the body. We moved around a single horse to water, such as the hare occur.

Is the most common tissue in the body, has a great effect on the body movements of the connective tissue. This chronic stress tissues harden and lose their ability to move thickens due to inactivity, that massage for relief of pain from tissues deprived of blood is also an effective method, it is also ideal for correcting this situation. Mimic muscles are divided into five groups:

1- scalp muscles
2. Eye muscles

3- nose around
4- mouth and jaw muscles
5. Neck

massage applied to the face, his face tired and distressed expression that resolves the tension of the facial muscles, reduces wrinkling. Thoroughly clean the skin with cream to massage and facial gymnastics.


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