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The cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world


  • The cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world, reaching speeds of up to 113km/h. They can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in just 3 seconds.When running, cheetahs use their tail to steer, like a rudder for a boat. Felidae family, that can run 112 km per hour the fastest land animal. “Gepard” or “hunting leopards was” also called. Asia from Africa are found in the region from Algeria to India. Small eared, long-legged is yellowish brown mottled skin is black. Sometimes leopard (pars) is mixed with. Leopard spots on the ring is full if the cheetah. In addition, a right to the chin under the eyes of a cheetah black line extends. 75-centimeter tail, along with the 210 cm tall, 50 kg weight. hiding in the high grass antelope, gazelle, hunting mammals like rabbits. Hunting is a fast attack to 112 kilometers. This rate starts to fall after 400-500 meters. in the capture of prey can escape from the clutches of this distance.

There are spots in the body and black lines under his eyes in the mouth and jaw. These lines attracts the sun’s rays and thus can be caught with even more comfortable viewing during the hottest hours of the day, unlike other predators. The most famous feature is running fast. It is the world’s fastest running mammals.

Lions like flocks instead of hiding or hunting, is hunted by taking advantage of high speed. Scratch 108 km / h acceleration in just 3.1 seconds can access. If you run more than 460 meters in body temperature rises above 46 degrees, and this will cause damage to the brain cheetah. So running during hunting usually takes less than a minute. Experts believe that 3,000 wild cheetahs in the world.

Female cheetahs they reach puberty by twenty twenty-four months. On the other hand, male cheetahs are reaching twelve months in this process. In contrast, sexual intercourse occurs rarely before the age of three. the death rate is 90 percent in cheetah cubs. Often the victims of the attacks expenses hyenas and eagles. The calves are usually separated from the mother for 13-20 months. Cheetahs 20 years if they live longer too often with age due to reduced speeds and shorter lives.

Cheetahs fast in Kosse, the hunt is successful only half attempts. They have the ability to run fast Cheetahs light, owes its fine bone. Therefore, eating a lion cheetah prey, predators such as hyenas come if he leaves the game on the spot withdrawn from the region. Because the jaws of the hyena is very strong. Cheetahs thin bones can not stand up to the powerful. One of the reasons is that cheetahs run faster in the long tail. Cheetah running for help during the tail. Cheetahs, gazelles, impala prey such as herbivorous animals. However, gazelles and impala are animals that the world’s fastest maneuver, cheetahs can make sharp turns using a high speed despite their tails as rudders, the distance between each step they reach the maximum speed of a cheetah can reach about 15 meters. This is a factor that gives them long-steps speed

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