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Facts About Sharks

kopekSharks are a group of fish characterized by a cartilaginous skeleton, five to seven gill slits on the sides of the head, and pectoral fins that are not fused to the head

In fact there is more reason for us to be afraid of sharks.
Each year at least 70 million of the dog-fish, to eat the liver or we kill to make the hemorrhoid cream. Sharks and seals prefer not unreasonable to find a little bony people. Sharks have a tremendous follow up system. Two-thirds of shark brains focused on smell: blood contaminated water at a rate of 500 meters per million can recognize. It not necessarily must of course be bleeding in order to detect prey of sharks. Fish put on a shark-you turn your head down like instant friends the dangers of trans past about fifteen minutes to induce a kind of chemical inertness “detects attempted condition.
Nobody knows why. It prevents any menu and injured is not even a chemical secretions, which means that there is nothing to worry about. A shark can detect low frequency sounds to say the fish’s heart is meant to be very far away. Moreover, four pressure sensitive perception system with a remote ritual beside the body can detect even what direction to take. just below the cells of the scalp allows pinpoint small changes in the magnetic field and electric current instant. These sharks to make it easy if you are traveling caine a compass, a tool to provide more besides hunting. Sharks in a remote fishing with this ability  can feel the muscle movements. Some sharks even has a depth gauge in the middle ear.

This complex system is armed with the sharks hunt even in total darkness. Sharks, has excellent visibility in daylight, but the capacity is big trouble turned their heads because they prefer to hunt at night. beer bottles in the belly of the shark, potato sacks, drums, car plates, bricks may even be even a porcupine all. Only three coats the stomach of a tiger shark and a raincoat, a few pants, a pair of shoes, a driver’s license, a pair of horns, no damage was twelve lobster and a whole set of partially digested chicken has increased. The female shark holds the longest gestation period of record in hand, the pregnancy of the shark takes longer than three years. Nature-biggest eggs, not female whale shark belongs to the ostrich.


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