Home Remedies for Corns and Calluses

naaOn the basis of the treatment of calluses it is very easy. The first thing to note, is to remove the inflamed calluses is similar: there are those who will drain pus In time he scraped usually pus or blood, whereas continues to rise when corn scraped off dead skin cells underneath. Several forms of treatment problems after you make sure that things really brings calluses can be applied.

Among the most risk-free and healthy way without harming the skin of dead skin cells in the area where the corn in time with pumice and destroy similar.

corn belt containing salicylic acid that can be sold without a prescription and must be used carefully because they are strong and irritating. It would no signs of corn because they contain acids content and main purpose is to help melt the calluses acids. This medicated tapes can kill healthy skin tissue surrounding the corn and can cause allergic reactions when applied incorrectly. especially circulatory disorders, as even in healthy individuals at risk for skin and / or sugar in people with the disease can be more dangerous. print on top of the structure in a non-allergic calluses when used correctly and consciously accelerate the healing process they can reduce. Such solutions can treat calluses is a problem, but it will not be repeated because no calluses forming.

Do not attempt to cut your calluses can be no unintended consequences. You can create cut your skin. Please note that the foot is a warm and humid environment can consistently reproduce the bacteria simply.The main treatment of conscious individuals would pay attention to the following topics:- Wearing properly selected the ideal footwear: footwear when selected to be compatible with both the toe of the shoe is very important. in the foot “comfortable” that is ideal for shoes made of soft leather.

– Paying particular attention to cleanliness Foot: Always keep the feet clean inherent in the ideal environment for bacterial and microbial growth, socks and shoes should be the ideal hygiene requirements.

– Emphasis on humidification: up to ensure healthy skin and moisturize as powerful and tidy should keep them soft.

– Tapping head to the experts: in some cases, “who knows” it is useful to consult. So why your calluses with a professional approach to investigation, a treatment plan will be created and you will have healthy feet.

methods that can be applied at home?

Nasser caused by getting rid of the pain and discomfort and calluses can be applied to try to do the following steps:

– Almond oil, feed on the corn in a cream containing vitamin E or lanolin. So if you are lucky you can make callus softening and shrinking.

– Snap on a normal bandage or plaster to protect the time zone you wear painful shoes. Tape or plaster to keep the calluses on more than 1 day for a long time and be careful to avoid damaging the skin around removing calluses.

– Keep warm water for a while to soften calloused areas. Then try to slightly more hard-cleaning a pumice stone or callous-like instrument with a soft zone. Clean-death so that the hardness of the callus formed hücreleri-, you’ll be relieved region.

– Wear shoes you choose the shape and softness of the foot, and in particular will not pressure your finger region. Got maintenance and repair your shoes or do not wear that old lost his way by. Is exposed to the foot of your walking shoes to absorb shock must be good if in continuous. Especially wear the shoe heels, soles of the feet to your bones to your body that attracts 25% of the load causes extreme riding and wrong loads. If the heel of your shoe especially true in a certain direction aşınıy definitely consult an orthopedic surgeon.

– By placing a piece of garlic or onion Bedtime corn wrapped in sleep. Acid will help to soften the callus.

How to avoid formation? measures can be taken to prevent Nasser occurred before it is:Try to use shoes made of soft material. These are the best in the skin; flexibility will be your priority in coming up with the pressure and friction prevention.The shoes you choose cushioned heel and try to be under the thumb of the region. This is useful because it causes your foot to remain in a natural position.

Finger shoes in large and oval with preferred status in the formation of corns between the toes plenty of room for your fingers can be prevented. Beware of more than 6 centimeters heeled shoes. Show care to be good with sewing seams of the outer limits of your shoes.If you are inclined Nazareth particularly narrow-toed shoes, mainly, to get rid of all the models that are contrary to the nature of the human foot shoes! Absolutely dry your feet well. Your suggestion is to wear cotton socks. Continuous moisture in the skin becomes irritated in standing up. Change your socks clean couple when wet.

Walk around the house barefoot as much as possible. Nature of our main toes would want to be independent and free! but the dressing rooms in public places such as community care not to press the show barefoot. Use absolutely slippers in such places. no one with common towels, socks, shoes use.

Metabolism your acid / alkaline eat raw fruits and vegetables for 3 days to correct the balance.Roast red meat, caffeine, stay away from over-processed foods with sugar and additives. Add A, vitamin E and potassium can promote the formation of calluses. Eating your way fruit, vegetables and fibrous foods you can help you improve your body. Bananas and carrots are especially proposals.Follow Nasser caused by pain and itching to get rid of a cold compress.


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