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Cool But Random Facts About Seahorses

faaSea horse is a very unique animal. Sea horses are widely used as a decoration in the aquarium. Currently seahorses are hunting by humans and make seahorse population decrease. This is interesting seahorse facts. Places lived: in warm and temperate seas. In our country, it is found in the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. Features: Top of like a head, a kind of fish 10-15 cm in length. Vertical float. Give birth to men. Types: There are about 15 species.
Mediterranean, Aegean, and a species of fish that are abundant in the Atlantic Ocean. Bony fish (Teleostei) are the team. The blade-shaped body and long tail is thin and mobile. Because the head and upper body like ancestor received this name. Also called the sea horse. The body is hard and crusty. vertical in floating in the water. There is a fan-shaped swimming fin on his back alone. Movement is achieved constantly fluctuating with the dorsal fin. The eyes can move separately. Coastal swim in hidden between algae and marine plants. do not have to dig deep. When he wants to relax, to algae wraps its tail or marine plants and leaves himself shaking the water. This fish has a few varieties. Meat inedible. Even some of the meat is toxic.

Reproduction is interesting. a brood sac chamber in the abdominal portion of the male seahorses. Resealable pouch opening by means of a circular muscle. female reproductive cycle, which is entwined with the men shed their eggs in the male’s pouch in the abdomen while. Match with few teeth to collect enough eggs in the amount of men. The eggs are fertilized in the pouch and matures. Before the open brood pouch, it is closed as she took the eggs of many circuit after the match. The mouth of the embryo sac that task, the offspring can not be opened without thoroughly mature. Cubs hidden in the pouch of the father are fed with blood and mature. Male seahorse’s belly begins to swell with the development of the offspring. Two months after the birth pangs started shooting, male, tail dollar to a plant. The actual birth swaggering forecastle the purse with the similar muscle vibration, maturing offspring is poured into water. Out offspring similar to adults. Man gives birth to 200 puppies each time. Seahorses feed on small marine animals such as the mouth with a long hose.

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