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Ingrown toenails Causes

dmrUsually, puberty and is more common in young adults, ingrown toenails, squeeze the soft tissue irritation caused by infection of the nail and creates chronic condition hard. Foot and seen first hand. Finger rash, swelling and pain may be severe. These complaints because shoes can not be worn. Also socks polluting discharge and odor may occur. His fingers squeezing wear tight shoes, improper nail trimming (cut very short and rasping), irritation caused by blows, remain deep in the nail due to reasons such as familial predisposition to lose weight and be seen. All such complaints would have been in ingrown toenails? It could interfere with other nail problems?
Sometimes nail fungus, nail inflammation of the tissue around the domed-shaped thickening goes up or you may think of as ingrown toenails nail abnormalities. This treatment is not surgery.

We reserve the ingrown toenail treatment in terms of two parts. The first is the advent of new ingrown toenails, the process should not yet mild cases; The latter continued for several weeks, are chronic cases of healing. You do not need a surgical procedure in each state ingrown toenails. In case of slight stinging put a piece of cotton under the nail and the sinking of the day it may be appropriate to change. Thus, the growth of meat to sink the nail to create a buffer zone between the dermis and nail boards.

Curved nails grow not cut evenly. Compression or finger tip wide need to wear open shoes. If there is infection in the mouth due to sinking or ointment form of this antibiotic may be used. In severe cases, surgical procedures so as to reinforce the partial removal of abnormal tissue of the nail root and will be an appropriate process. In order to prevent sinking in the same place after the process destroying the sinking side of the nail root.

This operation can be made in surgery it can be done chemically by phenol or silver nitrate. Sometimes patients will try to correct this situation by cutting the edges of the nails themselves. This often leads to sink much more the contrary. If the swollen tissue healing and pedicure consists of excision of the nail edge it does not improve ingrown toenails and not a permanent solution.

nail bed anesthetized for the procedure, so there is no pain during the shooting. Following the procedure used in pain medications. Transactions take sharp pain on the day, to rest, to raise the feet above the heart level, sometimes it is useful to apply cold on the dressing. diseases affecting the immune system such as ingrown toenails inflamed and diabetes in people used the available antibiotics.

After the procedure prevents the formation of finger shoes to wear compression pain. If dressings are flowing out through a bleeding or severe pain if useful to look back to the physician. Without consultation with the physician orthopedics and made their skin improved after the wound has healed investigated whether additional disease. The first 1-2 days walk from biasing fingers. Then squeeze the finger tip shoes worn open. To soak the wound for 2-3 days, you should immediately change the dressing if it gets wet. A week after the operation control problems and it can return to work or normal shoes can be worn.

If you keep your feet high slippers to wear in your business and can also return earlier if possible. After about a week the wound heals. But it may take 3-4 months for the extension to be cut again until the nail. This period included an obstacle to the use of the person’s foot. It will become the new nail to grow from parts made partial excision of the nail matrix and nail growth is expected to be slightly narrower.
Abnormal, is not expected to repeat the failure in cases where the healing tissue. Just pulled inflamed ingrown toenails again and taking tissue where abnormal nail is expected to occur.

Nail smooth (smooth cutting and filing) must be cut. You need to wear narrow or wide shoes. If standing flooding problem should be fixed. If nail fungus should be treated.

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