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Things You Didn’t Know About Chameleons

IJIJJIChameleons or chamaeleons are a distinctive and highly specialized clade of old world lizards with 202 species described as of June 2015. These species come in a range of colors, and many species have the ability to change colors There are queues for a long and winding. The feet of the animal in a significant change to facilitate grip on the tree shows that adaptation to life. Independent from each other with big eyes to look at different aspects, provides an effective feature in search of prey. Language is long and thick to ensure good adhesion of the moving insect prey or larger end is covered with an epidemic. with colorless cells on the skin black, yellow and red pigment cells.

Animal fear, anger, health status, and the heat contraction of the skin by external stimulus such as light or relaxation causes discoloration of the skin. In general, green day, which at night has a great lung of the chameleon white-yellow color, annoyed when the situation allows, or fighting frizz typically seen in animals. It reproduces by laying eggs. The incubation time varies depending on the environmental conditions of 4-10 months. To hibernate; flies, feed on grasshoppers and butterflies. Egypt, Libya and Morocco mainly live in all the Mediterranean countries. Scaly reptiles are a family of subsets of the team who Dilfırlat. Most chameleon species are up to 80 terms. Usually they live in the tropical part of Africa and Madagascar. It decreases towards species in South Africa. Chameleon subfamilies of North Africa, Arabia, Spain, India, are found in Sri Lanka and Malta. Both feet are both tails catcher. 20-30 cm in length are finger 5 is divided into two legs to form a clamping these fingers. independently eyes can see in every direction. They live in trees. 1.5 times throwing out the liquid adhesive, insects secrete the body language of the tongue to catch their prey, they withdraw their mouths.

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