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Liver Failure Causes, Symptoms

karaWhat is acute hepatitis?

Acute hepatitis, liver cell damage and inflammation leading to liver damage. Acute hepatitis is quite common: acute hepatitis emerged in one of 4,000 people each year in developed countries, in developing countries, this number may be more than 5 times.

Causes of acute hepatitis
common cause of acute hepatitis are:

Virus infection (hepatitis A, B, C, D or E)
Drug overdose (acetaminophen, such as paracetamol)
Exposure to chemicals (dry cleaning chemicals and some wild mushrooms)

Acute hepatitis usually starts with flu-like symptoms. These are the most common symptoms of acute hepatitis. However, each individual jaundice, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, fever, tenderness in the upper right abdomen, muscle pain, joint pain and experience different symptoms such as itchy red hives on the skin.

Acute hepatitis symptoms can mimic other diseases or medical problems. The right time to consult a physician for diagnosis.

Because some people are more liver damage and inflammation continued to carry do recover completely and develop chronic hepatitis, acute hepatitis. if the symptoms last more than six months it is considered chronic hepatitis. Chronic hepatitis can take years.Different forms of chronic hepatitis!!!!

Alcohol-related chronic hepatitis – permanent liver damage from heavy alcohol use.
Chronic active hepatitis – inflammation of the aggressive nature can lead to cirrhosis of the liver cells
Chronic persistent hepatitis – a liver, chronic mild inflammation often than not lead to cirrhosis.
Some viruses and drugs, which leads to chronic hepatitis in some people, others may not.
Common causes are:

viral hepatitis
Heavy alcohol use
Autoimmune disorder (the body attacks its own tissues)
reactions to some medicines, especially those for tuberculosis.
Metabolic disorders (such as hemochromatosis or Wilson’s Disease)

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