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The Ability People

To learn something, force, can be defined as a specific skill or knowledge to benefit from education. Being able to learn many things and as the world becomes human at various levels to make power. This is called “potentials” (capacity) we say. This latent power, is developed using the age progresses. Thus, in various stages of human life becomes increasingly better do more complex tasks. So, that gets to interact with the environment and develop a variety of learning experiences in the use of new things in the later stages of human capacity and is ready to learn. That ability is developed as part of a person looking at a certain age, then his whole behavior that allows us to make a prediction about what will come out to what extent the educational process.

A person’s ability, then, with the potential, brought with her inheritance includes knowledge and skills gained up to that day. For example, if a child does not have to start school multiplication table 5 year old memory and some arithmetic problems can be solved with four works, it shows a math skills on the mean age of the child. We may say that issues related to children’s mathematics learning quicker and easier. Especially this child has no special attention and support in this regard to see, that this power is related to the creation of mathematical thinking so we conclude that the above normal capacity. However, the success of the show the success of their peers in mathematics, we need to compare it with the child to have this judgment. But after that person’s superior, or back to “normal” can decide whether or not.

Learning the power of “general ability” and refers also known as the power required for learning it. Some people are easily able to do some simple things, too abstract or too complex process is able to quickly and well and “skill level” is a known fact that there are differences between people in terms of what we call the power. But in terms of talent as people type in terms of the level of talent they vary.

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